Henry Cejugo


Sports Illustrated- Rousing Restart

After a nearly three-year layoff, Beijing sensation Henry Cejudo is finally getting serious about London [...] Read More

USA Today- Wrestling Henry Cejudo Seeks Immigration Law Change, Another Gold Medal

COLORADO SPRINGS — Henry Cejudo could have stayed away. He already left his signature on one of America's hottest hot-button issue.

[...] Read More

The Arizona Republic- Unfairly pinned with 'anchor baby' label, Olympic-gold winner sets sights on another medal - and citizenship for Mom

After he won his Olympic gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the 2008 Summer Games [...] Read More

New York Times- Troubles Turn to Olympic Gold

30 Seconds With Henry Cejudo

[...] Read More

The Arizona Republic- The Valley's 10 most fascinating people: Henry Cejudo

Behind the top stories of 2008 are the most intriguing people. They've enraged, shocked, entertained, and inspired us.  [...] Read More

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